SWAG2 Has Arrived!

SWAG2 Is Here!

In preparation for the next change of the K parameter, SWAG Stakepool team will be building SWAG2! Over the past 6 months, we’ve managed a total stake between 40-42 million ADA. We want to extend the opportunity of providing a reliably staking service for delegators once the pool saturation level is reduced to a total stake of ~32 million ADA. We chose not to open our second pool during the first increase of the K parameter for two reasons: 1) Our pool wasn’t near saturation and 2) we wanted other community pools to have the opportunity for pool recognition and brand awareness.

Our Plan

The SWAG Team will move 100k ADA from SWAG’s pledge to SWAG2, reducing the SWAGs pledge to 300K ADA. However, we’re still committed to maintaining our collective 400K ADA pledge. This pledge will never change. This ensures our delegators that we are committed to this ecosystem long-term. We'll register SWAG2 during Epoch 241. This will give our delegators ample amount of time, if they choose, to migrate from SWAG to SWAG2. We don’t take this decision lightly and appreciate the feedback from our delegators before making this decision. Thank you everyone for your support, as without you, this isn’t possible.

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