Why Choose  SWAG Staking?


We built the SWAG staking out of pure passion for the Cardano ecosystem. Back in 2017, we acknowledged the significance in cryptocurrencies and how it would impact our society over the coming decades. While retaining a healthy level of skepticism for many projects at the time, we happen to stumble across a Charles Hoskinson video of him giving a whiteboard lecture on an idea called Cardano and immediately became intrigued.


Our goals are to support the Cardano ecosystem in as many ways as possible and we believe creating a stake pool supports the backbone of Cardano's infrastructure. The fundamentals of this project are sound; from the formal methods approach, to peer-reviewed research, to the lofty goals of Community Governance with the introduction of Voltaire.


We're invested in this ecosystem long-term which is why we've committed to not withdrawing any of our Pool Pledge for the next ten years! There will always be a place to stake ADA with the SWAG!


SWAG Staking has pledges of  300,000 and 100,000 Ada with a fixed pool margins of 2.5 percent. The operating cost are set to the minimum threshold of 340 Ada per epoch.  Delegators can anticipate 95 percent of the collective rewards distributed to the pool going directly to the delegators. Many pools are likely to charge a premium to stake with them but we want to cover our operational costs, provide a quality stake pool, and share the rewards amongst our delegators!


Our team at SWAG Staking wants to impact the world in many different ways. We understand that everyone needs a support system, some more so than others. We want to do our part to make this world better than it was yesterday. Which is why we've set up an address and 10 percent of our proceeds will be donated to charity.


We've chosen to support the March of Dimes because life is a gift and we want mothers to have the support they need during pregnancy! We understand that giving, when someone has the ability, is more valuable than what we could ever say. Thank you.