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Staking with SWAG

Start staking today and begin earning more Ada with SWAG Stakepool!

Cardano Staking Wallets

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Why SWAG Stakepool?

SWAG stake pool provides a reliable and personal staking experience. Delegators will not have to worry about the day to day operations as our technicians have over 15 years of experience in the information technology sector. Providing world class implementation and support for our delegators.

Achieve Your Financial Goals With SWAG

Competitive Return on Stake (RoS)

Competitive Return on Stake is one our primary objectives and staking with SWAG Stakepool will provide over 5% return annualized!

Consistent Monitoring

SWAG Stakepool constantly monitors the health and operation status of it's Cardano nodes 24/7. Providing real time data and information to delegators for peace of mind in the SWAG Telegram Channel. 

Latest Cardano News

Delegators of SWAG support the research and review of current and future projects within the Cardano ecosystem. Adapulse was built from your delegation.

Thank you!

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