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SWAG Stake pool has chosen to build a block producer and four relay nodes on the Virtual Private Servers (VPS). We identified the most efficient VPS providers which supported our efforts of providing minimal downtime and ensuring 99.999% reliability to our delegators. Each relay is strategically located in a different region in the event an outage should occur in a specific location. All nodes are configured with Elastic (static) IPs addresses, providing more reliability at a nominal rate to in our business strategy.

Hardware & Software Specifications Replicated on All Four Nodes:

· 8 GB of RAM

· 50 GB SSD

· Elastic IP Address

· Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa)

· All of our servers have their own dedicated firewall to provide an additional layer of security. The block producing (core) node firewall has a unique set of ports open in its Access Control List (ACL) to authorize sessions from addresses.


· SWAG Stake pool has created a Key Management Server to store cold keys and other private keys offline, further hardening our network.


· Remote access gives us the ability to monitor, troubleshoot, and provide additional support anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.


For more information, please contact us a Thank you and happy staking!

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