Competitive Return on Stake (RoS)

SWAG Stakepool offers competitive returns on your Ada when you choose to stake with us. Consistently over 5% annualized. Providing profitable returns on your stake since inception of the stakepool and since the beginning of the Shelley mainnet which introduced staking to to the Cardano blockchain. 


Consistent Monitoring

The technicians at SWAG Stakepool use a number of tools to facilitate monitoring of all the our nodes scattered across the globe. These tools allow us to ensure the highest availability times of any servers or services providing staking solutions. It also allow us to mitigate unforeseen issues which may arise and bring up cold nodes in a matter of minutes to provide a seamless service for our delegators.


Latest Cardano News

Staking with SWAG, funds current projects as well as future endeavors within the Cardano ecosystem. SWAG is a Co-Founder of Adapulse. 

AdaPulse covers fintech, blockchain and other cryptocurrency related projects building inside the Cardano ecosystem. AdaPulse is not affiliated or endorsed by the Cardano Foundation, IOG, or Emurgo.

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